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This combo includes,

(2) Death Card Predator Bait (8) ounce EACH - This combination of aged tinctured meat and other ingredients is DEADLY on all red meat eating predators. Coyotes, Fox, Bobcat, Lynx, and even Coons fall prey to the DEATH CARD!!

Death Card Predator Lure (1) fluid ounce- Irresistable to the predator on the move. A few drops and they can't get on a stretcher fast enough.

C'Yote No.9 Coyote Urine (2) fluid onces

RED FOX PEE (2) fluid once

BOBCAT Urine (2) fluid once

Predator Call Lure 1 oz. - This Coyote killer has landed bobcats, lynx, coons, and both Red and Gray Fox.

Use each alone or in combination for a wide variety of sets and opportunities!!!

Predator Trapping Bait, Lure, and Scent Combo