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The territorial buck gland lure. Ingredients are collected by whitetail experts.

This is the real deal and will drive the big bucks in your hunting area wild with territorial rage when they smell another dominant buck working their area. An all season lure that is excellent for drag rags and boot pad application. Spray on licking branches, Create mock scrapes and spray in existing ones. Apply to trails, bedding areas, rub lines and decoys. Big buck sightings and sign will increase as older bucks patrol their area as they feel the threat of an intruder. This lure is a must for the hunter that uses rattling as part of their hunting arsenal. Most deer that respond to rattling are never seen because they circle down wind and never get close enough for the hunter to make eye contact. Buck urine alone is ok but this lure gives off the odor of big bucks stomping around as they fight giving the fight that realistic smell older bucks expect to smell when checking on a fight.

BUCK'n Serious BONEHEAD Trophy Buck Lure