This 7 piece combo includes,


(2) - 8oz Death Card Predator Bait  - This combination of aged tinctured meat and other ingredients is DEADLY on all red meat eating predators. 


(1) - 1 fl oz  bottle of Death Card Predator Lure - Irresistable to the predator on the move. A few drops and they can't get on a stretcher fast enough.


(1) - 2 fl oz bottles of C'Yote No.9 Coyote Urine\


(1) - 2 fl oz bottle of RED FOX PEE 


(1) - 2 fl oz bottle of BOBCAT Urine 


(1) - 1 fl oz bottle of Predator Call Lure - This Coyote killer has landed bobcats, lynx, coons, and both Red and Gray Fox.

7 piece Trapping Combo