Predator Hunting/Trapping

Death Card Predator Lure

A strong and loud lure that carries the distance to bring them in.

Death Card Predator Bait

A combination of Aged beaver/muskrat/venison meats ground to a smooth paste with castor and other ingredients added that makes this smokey blend irresistible.

Death Card Predator Beaver Blend

 A combination of Aged beaver meat ground  with castor and other ingredients

Predator Call Lure

A strong and loud lure that carries the distance to bring them in. This Lure has been a proven performer in attracting predators to the applied location

Raccoon Lure

A sweet blend of shell fish and other ingredients that have made this our #1 Raccoon lure.

Raccoon Scent

100% raccoon urine...hunters masking cover scent.

Coon Caller

This smoothly blended fish paste is effective as a lure and a bait. DP's, bucket sets, and footholds

Red Fox Pee

100% red fox urine

Coyote Urine

Made from 100% fresh coyote urine

K9 Carnage

A sweet meat bait that is designed for the dirt hole trapper. Ground and aged Bobcat meat with other attractive ingredients and skunk essence to make this one entice from a distance

Bobcat Urine

100% fresh Bobcat urine 


A bobcat and castor gland based lure along with other ingredients blended into a paste that cats can't resist.

Mink Urine

100% Fresh Mink Urine

Mink Lure

A mixture of shellfish with other ingredients including Mink Glands that give this attractant a smell mink can't resist.

Beaver Lure

A heavy castor gland based lure that stands up to the elements.

Rat Hole

A blend of Field mice and rat meat make up this can't miss natural attractant

Hawg Caller

This peanut based lure spray has the strong aroma of peanut butter. A mobile food plot for Hawg Hunting

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