Deer Hunting Products


Whitetail Tarsal Buck Lure


Pure doe urine harvested at the farm from the doe's during their estrous cycle 

Deer Musk

What better than to smell like your quarry

Doe Estrus

Pure doe estrus harvested at the farm

Dominant Buck Urine

Collected from the Dominant Whitetail Bucks

White Oak Acorn Scent

This acorn scent is dynamite as a lure and attractant for a wide variety of animals, especially deer.

Sweet Corn Scent

This corn scent is an enticing lure and attractant for a wide variety of deer

Bow Hunter Ambush Gold

An all season lure that is excellent for drag rags, drippers and boot pad application. Create mock scrapes and spray in existing ones. Apply to trails, bedding areas, rub lines and decoys. Use as a cover scent when rattling and 

grunting. Approaching bucks expect to smell the scent of another buck!

Peanut Bark Minerals

A peanut based mineral attractant that not only will bring deer in to your hunting location do to the PEANUT AROMA but also is beneficial to antler growth and development

Peanut Bark Spray

Your mobile food plot! This mineral spray is loaded with needed protein that gives off the aroma of peanut butter that deer love.

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